A Message to Our Customers

With the Scottish government lifting Covid restrictions as of Midnight on the 9/8/21, we wanted to update our customers to what we have decided to do here at Celsius.

Our decision is to continue the same way we have been throughout the pandemic. We understand many of our customers will be feeling anxious about the lifting of restrictions, that’s why we have decided to continue with our efforts in tackling Covid-19.

Our Engineers will continue to wear face coverings and will continue to follow our Covid-19 pre works health and safety check list before entering your home.

For more information – please read below or reach out to a member of our team for more information.


A Message to Our Customers

As of the 26th April 2021 we will be able to carry out ‘non essential’ works in our customers homes. Between now and the 26th April 2021, we will continue to carry out ‘essential’ works only in our customers homes.

Any of customers who are currently waiting for an appointment date, we will be in contact in due course to get your appointment booked in from the 26th April onwards.

We thank all our customers for their patience during this period.

As noted, until the 26th of April 2021 our team will only be attending “Essential Works”. But what is essential?

  • Gas Leaks – Yes
  • Water Leaks – Yes
  • Blocked Drains – Yes
  • No heating or hot water – Yes
  • Safety Checks – Yes
  • Unsafe Boiler Issues – Yes

‘Non Essential Works’ will be postponed until further notice.

  • Non Essential Quotations will also not be completed at present.

For any customers that have works booked in with us that are classified as ‘Non Essential’ our office team will be in touch to reschedule these works in due course.

  • We will prioritise the vulnerable as we see a sharp rise in demand for our services.

We ask all customer who are in self isolation or showing symptoms of Covid-19 to make our team aware prior to our engineer visiting.

Please contact us on – for any further queries.

Please watch the following video on how we are keeping our team and our customers safe.

Customer Safety: What Are We Doing?

In light of the COVID-19 virus and the continued disruption and anxiety it is causing, we would like to update and reassure our customers regarding our service.

Many of you have been asking questions regarding engineers entering your home, so we have tried to answer as many of these questions below.

Above all, it is most important to know we are following advice from the UK Government, Scottish Government, and the Health and Safety Executive surrounding Covid-19.

The health & safety of our team, partners and customers is our top priority. We are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure we can continue provide you with a warm home whilst keeping everyone safe.

Guidance has been issued to our team on precautions to be taken before, during, and after a visit to a customer’s property. Rest assured that our engineers are keeping equipment and hands sanitised and reducing contact to a minimum while they are at your property.

Daily Checks

Even before our engineers start their working day, we have put in place a series of mandatory Covid-19 health and safety questions. Our technology allows our engineers to answer these questions in real time, so management are aware of these answers straight away.

Question Type Answer Mandatory
Have you disinfected your tools before starting work? Yes/No Yes
Are you wearing your face mask? Yes/No Yes
Are you wearing your disposable gloves and shoe covers? Yes/No Yes
Please confirm you are taking disinfectant and blue roll into the property, and you will disinfect all working areas and contact points? Yes/No Yes
Please confirm you will work a minimum of 2m apart from other people? Yes/No Yes
Pre-Entrance Statement Statement Yes
Did you get access to the property? Yes/No Yes


Your engineer is thinking Covid-19 before they enter your property


Vehicle type Defect name
Celsius Vehicle & Health & Safety Checks A1. Have you come into contact with anyone with COVID-19?
Celsius Vehicle & Health & Safety Checks A2. Do you have any of the symptoms like shortness of breath, persistent cough or high fever?
Celsius Vehicle & Health & Safety Checks A3. You MUST have disinfectant, blue roll, face mask, disposible gloves and shoe covers in the van cabin (wipes, spray)
Celsius Vehicle & Health & Safety Checks A4. You MUST disinfect your hand tools and tool bag, including all other equipment you will be using today
Celsius Vehicle & Health & Safety Checks A5. You MUST disinfect your van cabin including all contact points (handles, steering wheel, gear stick, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions


 If you have any questions or need to get in touch, call our Customer Support on 0131 258 0848 or reach out to us by emailing

Above all else, stay well and look after each other.






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