Worcester Bosch Launch ‘Cost Of Living Crisis Boiler’ with the new Greenstar 1000 Combi

Author: Michael
29th August 2023
3 min read

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 1000 Combi boiler Overview; is this the ultimate affordable budget boiler? 

Enter the Worcester Greenstar 1000, the latest boiler from Worcester Bosch to hit the shelves, a choice for smaller Edinburgh homes that need both value for money and space optimisation.

Now lets delve into an overview of this combi boiler and find out what it’s all about.  Budget has never looked this good.


Designed for Modern Homes with Limited Space

Space is a precious commodity in most homes, the Worcester Greenstar 1000 caters to these space constraints perfectly.  Its sleek design allows it to fit into a standard kitchen cupboards, without taking up valuable room.  Say goodbye to boilers dominating kitchens.


QuickTap Technology for Optimal Efficiency

One of the standout features of the Greenstar 1000 is its QuickTap technology.  Gone are the days of waiting for water when you turn on the tap.  With QuickTap you can enjoy water without any unnecessary waste.  This not only benefits your wallet, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint.


Bosch Quality that Fits Your Budget

When you think of Bosch you automatically think of quality.  The Greenstar 1000 is not just any boiler however; it embodies the reliability and exceptional design that Bosch is known for.  The best part?  It’s available, at a really affordable price.


Efficiency is a Top Priority

Nowadays a boiler needs to do more than just provide heating and water; it should do so in the most efficient way possible.  That’s where the Worcester Greenstar 1000 shines with its ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency.  This means you get great performance while consuming less energy.  Consequently you will enjoy lower energy bills.


User Controls

A new boiler that hits the market isn’t just about looks; it’s about functionality too.  The Greenstar 1000 has intuitive controls that will make managing your heating system a breeze – no need for instructions or manuals.  We cant wait to start fitting these for our Edinburgh customers!


Peace of Mind for 5 Years

Concerns about durability and reliability are common when it comes to boilers.  The Worcester Greenstar 1000 addresses these concerns by offering a whopping 5 year guarantee.  When combined with a system filter this boiler not ensures optimal performance but also extends its lifespan.  What’s not to like?

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Services at Worcester Bosch, told Celsius “The cost-of-living crisis has affected millions across the UK which has influenced demand in this industry.  We pay close attention to the needs of our customers, and we know that reliability and efficiency are the two most important aspects when choosing a home heating system.  We want to make this more widely accessible and so with that in mind, we decided to launch the 1000, our most competitively priced home heating system to date.”


Boiler summary and Celsius opinion

Key features of the Greenstar 1000 Combi boiler

If you are in the market for a new space saving and efficient boiler, the Worcester Greenstar 1000 combi boiler is one to consider.

The team here at Celsius believe it is a strong option for Edinburgh home owners and landlords.

Whether you’re moving into a house or planning a boiler replacement, keeping the Worcester Greenstar 1000 in mind could be a wise move.

We also see this boiler being popular with Edinburgh landlords due to the price and aftercare service you can expect from a brand like Worcester Bosch.


Boiler Price:

The Worcester Greenstar 1000 can be fully fitted from £1900 inc vat.

Get in touch with Celsius to have your new boiler boiler fitted today.

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