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Plumbing or heating emergencies strike when you least expect them, so it’s crucial to find a dependable, professional and reactive emergency plumber in Edinburgh when you need one.  A burst pipe, a flooded bathroom, or a broken boiler in the height of winter, don’t let a plumbing emergency ruin your day or cause extensive damage to your home.  Immediate action can save you from costly repairs down the line.


Our Emergency Plumbing and Heating Hours

Call our out of hours service to be connected to an engineer today:  0131 258 0848

Monday – Friday 5pm – 8am.

Saturday – 8am – 8pm.

Sunday – Closed


Costs for a Celsius ‘Out of Hours’ emergency plumber visit

£154.50 – View our full pricing here.

This option covers up to the 1st hour of our plumbers professional time on site.  Up to each additional half hour is charged at £77.25 inc vat.

Until we can get there, our experienced team is happy to give you advice – such as locating your main stopcock and turning it off, or turning your gas off at the mains.

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Common Emergency Plumbing Issues in Edinburgh

Burst Pipes: A burst pipe can flood your home rapidly.  Knowing how to turn off your main water supply is crucial, but an emergency plumber can provide the necessary repairs to get things back to normal.

Blocked Drains: A severely blocked drain can overflow, causing an unpleasant situation in your home.  An emergency plumber will attempt to remove blockage swiftly.

Emergency Boiler Repairs: In Edinburgh’s cold weather, a broken boiler is a real emergency.  Gas safe registered professional plumbers can diagnose and most of the time fix the issue, ensuring you’re not left in the cold.  We are boiler repair experts and can repair all brands of boilers including Worcester Bosch, Vokera, Potterton, Ariston and Ideal to name a few.  We also repair Valliant boilers.

Toilet Issues: A broken toilet can be a significant inconvenience.  Whether it’s continually running or not flushing, an emergency plumber can rectify the problem.

Gas Leaks: A potential gas leak is extremely dangerous and requires immediate attention.  Ensure you shut off the main gas supply and call an emergency plumber immediately.


Can I fix a plumbing issue myself?

Absolutely! Whilst minor issues like a slow-draining sink might be within the capabilities of a DIY enthusiast, major plumbing emergencies should always be handled by a professional plumber.


The Celsius Emergency Plumbing Service:

At Celsius Plumbing and Heating, we operate 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) 8am – 8pm to tackle any plumbing emergency in Edinburgh and the Lothians.  Trusted by homeowners, landlords, and Airbnb hosts, our rapid response ensures your emergency is handled promptly and professionally.

In the event of a boiler, central heating or plumbing emergency in Edinburgh, simply call us on 0131 258 0848 and an experienced plumbing and heating engineer will attend to your emergency normally within 2 hours of booking.  When our engineer arrives, they will always try to resolve the problem during the first hour.  However, due to the nature of emergency works, this may not always be possible.

If the repair is possible, then with your permission, our plumber will stay on site until the job is complete (please note this is subject to the correct parts being available in their van stock).

If this is not possible, our engineer will attempt to make the situation safe and complete a photographic job report.  Once the job report is complete, as we work on a live cloud-based system, it will be instantly sent to our office team for them to process on the next working day.  On the next working day (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm) one of our senior plumbers will look over the job report and send you a quotation to carry out the repair.  Our senior plumbers are always happy to discuss the works and answer any questions you may have prior to accepting your quotation.


How does the Celsius emergency plumber service work?

  1. Call us on 0131 258 0848, and our team will assist you with immediate steps to mitigate damage.
  2. Depending on the problem, we might request pictures to better understand and prepare for your visit
  3. We will take payment over the phone and then one of our experienced plumbers will attend, normally within 2 hours, but this is subject to availability and seasonal demand.
  4. After your emergency is addressed, we’ll provide recommendations for any additional repairs or recommendations.
  5. We value your feedback and will send you a link to review our service, ensuring we are always continually improving.


Why choose Celsius for your Emergency Plumbing needs in Edinburgh?

Put simply, we make things easy for you!  Celsius Plumbing and Heating is your go-to service for your plumbing emergency.  Our quick response, skilled team, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us Edinburgh’s first choice for emergency plumbing and heating services.

Our engineers diagnose most emergency plumbing issues and often carry essential parts in their vans.  We offer a 12-month aftercare service for all work, ensuring peace of mind.


Get in Touch

For rapid, reliable emergency plumbing services in Edinburgh, reach out to Celsius Plumbing and Heating click the ‘Book me in’ button below, or call us on 0131 258 0848.


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Customer Reviews

“Had a real emergency on a Saturday afternoon in August 2023, nearing the end of floor repairs, I drilled through a water pipe! Managed to get a screw in to limit the flow, called one firm who said they would call back within 90 mins, but then phoned Celsius, and within 20 mins Jamie the plumber turned up. Panic stations for 20 mins as we couldn’t locate the stopcock, but he found a workaround, repaired the pipe and did me a proper solid job. Excellent service from Celsius and from Jamie. Thank you!“

Tony, Homeowner, Lochend


“Can’t thank Bruce enough for coming out to do emergency repairs yesterday evening. Without his expertise me and my partner would be without heating or hot water indefinitely. Office staff were also extremely friendly and understanding of our situation. Would rate more than 5/5 If I could“

Charlotte, Landlord, Portobello


“Very responsive to an emergency. Maolcom, the plumber was absolutely excellent. Very helpful and good communicator. Helped manage the situation well.“

Chris, Airbnb Host, Mornignside


“Emergency call-out due to water leak. Quick response, explained everything clearly and identified problem quickly.“

Amanda, Homeowner, EH16


“Emergency call out due to leaking toilet prior to new flooring being fitted. Not a big job, but peace of mind and sorted within about an hour of making the appointment. Both plumber and phone operator very friendly and will certainly use again for future plumbing work”

Gavin, Homeowner, Musselburgh


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What should I do in case of a burst pipe?

In the event of a burst pipe, immediately shut off the main water valve to prevent further water damage, then turn off your power in the affected area to reduce the risk of injury.  Once safe, remove or protect any valuables from the water-damaged area, and call a professional plumber to assess and repair the damage.  It’s also advisable to document the damage for insurance purposes.  Our photographic job reports will document this for you.


How do I turn off the water supply in an emergency?   

Prevention is key! Knowing where your water turns off is so important.  Not only that, making sure you can turn the water off and back on again is just as important.  Most people don’t know where their water turns off, so make a point to find out.  If your stockcock is difficult to turn, get it replaced.  It’s better to be proactive and get this looked into before an emergency hits.  You can potentially save thousands of pounds worth of damage checking this today.

If you know where your water turns off, turn the handle to the right to turn off the water and left to turn the water on.  Once you think you have shut the water off, immediately open your kitchen tap to make sure the water slowly stops running.  If not, you may have turned off the wrong stopcock.

It’s important to check for leaks when you open up your stopcock again, as these can leak due to years of not being touched. they can leak through what’s called the ‘packing gland’


What signs indicate a blocked drain? 

If your toilet or sink is slow to drain away, you hear gurgling noises when water is draining away, or unpleasant smells are present, these can all signal a blocked drain.  If you flush your toilet but the water just fills up the bowl, instead of draining away, this is a classic indication that your toilet is blocked or worse, you have a blocked drain.  You may need specialist equipment to clear a blocked drain.  If in doubt contact a specialist drainage contractor.


Is a dripping tap a plumbing emergency?   

While not immediately classed as an emergency, a dripping tap can waste significant amounts of water.  It’s best to get it fixed promptly, as the drip could turn into a flood if unattended.


Can I prevent my pipes from freezing in winter?   

Yes, insulating your pipes and ensuring your home is adequately heated can prevent frozen pipes.  Speak to your local professional plumber for advice on how to best protect your pipes from freezing in winter.  It may just save you having to call out a plumber in an emergency situation.


How much do emergency plumbers charge in Edinburgh?

Emergency plumbing services typically come with a call-out charge, especially outside of regular working hours.  In Edinburgh, you can expect an average call-out fee of £120-£180, with additional costs based on the extent of the problem and any parts required.  Always get a clear estimate before the work begins.


Why is it important to call an emergency plumber? 

  1. Preventing property damage: Water damage can be extensive and expensive.  An emergency plumber can quickly identify and fix the issue, minimising potential damage to your property.
  2. Safety: Plumbing emergencies can be hazardous, with risks of electrocution or gas leaks.  A professional ensures that all safety protocols are followed.
  3. Cost-effective: Quick action can often save you money in the long run, preventing larger issues or structural damage to your property.
  4. Peace of mind: Knowing a trained expert is handling your emergency lets you relax, knowing your home is in good hands.


If you are experiencing a gas emergency, It’s vital to act quickly, and stay safe. 

Follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the gas emergency control (or shut-off) valve at the meter, as long as you’re above ground and not in a basement or cellar, or at the LPG bulk tank or storage vessels
  2. Don’t smoke.  Ensure all naked flames are extinguished
  3. Do not operate electrical switches (don’t turn the lights on/off) as this may ignite escaping gas
  4. Get fresh air ASAP.  Open all doors and windows to help ventilate the area
  5. Contact the National Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999
  6. Follow the advice of the attending emergency operative regarding any issues with gas appliances and the use of equipment.  Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer (that’s us) to fix these appliances and ensure they’re safe to use.
  7. Feeling unwell?  Visit your GP or hospital in the first instance, and inform them you may have been exposed to carbon monoxide.
  8. Finally, do not turn the gas supply on again until it’s been thoroughly checked by your chosen Gas Safe registered engineer.

Some plumbing and heating emergencies can be straightforward to repair, could you fix this yourself?
Head over to the ‘Help and News’ section of our website to find out more

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