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Need an Emergency Plumber for your Plumbing & Heating?

In the event of a boiler, central heating or plumbing emergency in Edinburgh, we operate 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) – simply call us and an experienced plumbing and heating engineer will attend to your call-out normally within 2 hours of booking. When our engineer arrives, they will always try and resolve the problem during the first hour. However, due to the nature of emergency works, this may not always be possible.

If this is not possible, our engineer will attempt to make safe the situation and complete a photographic job report. Once the job report is complete, as we work on a live cloud-based system, it will be instantly sent to our office team for them to process on the next working day. On the next working day (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm) one of our senior plumbers will look over the job report and send you a quotation carry out the repair. Our senior plumbers are always happy to discuss the works and answer any questions you may have prior to accepting your quotation.

If the repair is possible, then with your permission, our plumber will stay on site until the job is complete (please note this is subject to the correct parts being available in their van stock). Terms and conditions apply.

Out of hours Engineer Visit
£152.00 – View our full pricing here

Call our out of hours number to be connected to an engineer today:  0131 258 0848

Monday – Friday 5pm – 8am.
Saturday – 8am – 8pm.

Sunday – Closed 


This option covers up to the 1st hour of our plumbers professional time on site. Up to each additional half hour is charged at £76.00 inc vat.

Until we can get there, our experienced team are happy to give you advice – such as locating your main stopcock and turning it off, or turning your gas off at the mains.


If you are experiencing a gas emergency, It’s vital to act quickly, and stay safe. 


Follow the steps below, (via the Gas Safe Register):

  1. Turn off the gas emergency control (or shut-off) valve at the meter, as long as you’re above ground and not in a basement or cellar, or at the LPG bulk tank or storage vessels
  2. Don’t smoke. Ensure all naked flames are extinguished
  3. Do not operate electrical switches (don’t turn the lights on/off) as this may ignite escaping gas
  4. Get fresh air ASAP. Open all doors and windows to help ventilate the area
  5. Contact the National Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999
  6. Follow the advice of the attending emergency operative regarding any issues with gas appliances and the use of equipment. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer (that’s us) to fix these appliances and ensure they’re safe to use.
  7. Feeling unwell? Visit your GP or hospital in the first instance, and inform them you may have been exposed to carbon monoxide.
  8. Finally, do not turn the gas supply on again until it’s been thoroughly checked by your chosen Gas Safe registered engineer.

Some plumbing and heating emergencies can be straightforward to repair, could you fix this yourself?
Head over to the ‘Help and News’ section of our website to find out more

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