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Welcome to our terms and conditions page.

We’ve set out the following terms and conditions to apply to your use of our website and any services or orders carried out by us on your behalf. By continuing to browse and use this website, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out below. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

For clarity, the following definitions apply:

“We”, “Us”, or “the Company” refers to Celsius Plumbing & Heating Ltd, whose registered address is 2d West Telferton Industrial Estate, Edinburgh, EH7 6UL. Company Registration No: SC412287. VAT Registration No: 142527919.

“The Website” refers to celsiusplumbers.com

“You” or “the Customer” refers to anyone reading this notice on our website, and who may be seeking to use our services.

“Conditions” refers to our standard terms and conditions of sale, as set out below, along with any further agreed-upon terms confirmed in writing between you and the Company.

“Goods” or “Services” refers to any item(s) or services we supply to you in accordance with the aforementioned Conditions.

“Contract” refers to the contract you enter into with the Company when purchasing Goods or services – such as a boiler installation, plumbing repair or annual boiler service.

“Order” refers to the transaction of Goods or services you may place with us either on the phone or after a home visit.

You enter into a contract with us upon your acceptance of a quotation or estimate to carry out any agreed works or product installations. This Contract is subject to passing various in-house criteria. If this criteria is not met, We may decide not to enter into a Contract with You, and can choose to reject an Order with no further explanation necessary.

Accuracy of information

We strive to make sure all the information provided on our Website is accurate and correct at all times. However, most product images, specifications and diagrams are provided to us by manufacturers. This means that there may be a small margin of error when it comes to any minor design changes made by the manufacturer – these are something we note in the product description of each item wherever possible.

Depending on the resolution and brightness of the device You use to view our Website, the colour or finish of our Goods may vary slightly. We do keep our Website as up-to-date as possible, but some devices may ‘cache’ information to allow faster loading times. Please ensure You are viewing the most up-to-date version of our Website before confirming an order or booking an installation.

Although we make every effort to ensure our Website displays accurate information on stock availability, this does not act as a guarantee of stock availability, nor an offer of sale.

Period of quotation

Any Quotation issued to You by the Company will remain open for a period of 30 days, unless previously withdrawn. Thereafter, the Quotation is subject to reconfirmation or adjustment by the Company.

Basis of quotation

The quotation(s) are based on the work being affected during normal working hours, Monday to Friday – unless otherwise stated. Variations or additional work shall be charged based on time and materials unless subject of a separate quotation accepted by the Customer.

Unless specifically stated on your quotation, quotations are not calculated on our normal hourly rate pricing. If you have any questions surrounding your quotations (specifically pricing), please contact a member of our team on 0131 258 0848 and request to speak to a senior engineer prior to accepting your quotation.

All increases in labour and/or material cost arising after the date of quotation may be recovered from the Customer unless the quotation expressly excludes this Condition.

All quotations that are sent by the Company are subject to changes or withdrawal without notice in the case of technical or administrative errors surrounding the quotation’s creation and distribution. Corrected quotations can/will be sent to replace quotes in any such occasion.

Work by other Trades, any statutory fees, or charges for work done by Supply Authority or Local Authority is not included. While reasonable care will always be taken, the quotation does not cover incidental redecoration or other works consequent upon the proper execution of the work.

It is the property owners full responsibility to make sure the proposed works above are in line with any potential listed building restrictions, property factoring retractions or property title deed restrictions.

Breakdown of quotations

If you are looking for a quotation for works to be broken down, please do let our team members know before we provide you with a quotation, as we will at this stage inform you that this is not a service we offer. Our decision to no longer break down fixed price quotations are completely at the company’s discretion. This decision is based purely on the demand on our service and the amount of customers we serve.

When we offer you a quotation for a specific job, we provide a photographic job report and our quotation will refer to this job report using the job number. Our quotations are fixed price, meaning we do not offer break downs on parts and labour. We do not offer details on parts lists or job specification at quotation stage due to specification works being a chargeable service. The job report will detail what the job is for, so please refer to your job report or ask a member of our team if you have any questions surrounding the quotation we have provided.

Professional advice

All of our engineers are experienced and professionally trained to offer You the most practical choices and options for your home, business or rental property. Some of this may be over the phone, but in order to ensure We are providing the most sound advice, We always recommend carrying out a home visit. Any advice given can only be based on the information provided, and is offered in good faith.

Website content

As an addition to the above, We also offer tips and guidance on our Website, including blogs, product information, tips and helpful guides – these can give You a rough indication or guideline of what might be the right fit for your home, but We still highly recommend speaking to a professional who can visit the property before making your final decision.

Design notice

All designs provided by the Company are offered on the basis that these works shall be carried out completely by Us. These designs remain our copyright.


Pricing for any of the Goods or Services outlined on our Website (unless otherwise stated) is displayed as the value before Value Added Tax (VAT) – currently at 20%.

We try to ensure the prices of Goods and Services on our Website are accurate at all times, however, we also reserve the right to update ours prices at any time (for example, due to an increase in costs from suppliers, or down to a pricing error made by Us).

When it comes to Your quotation, any discrepancies or differences in price will be agreed upon before entering into a contract with You.

Saturday terms

Please note; if You would like any Works to be completed on a Saturday, a higher rate would apply. All Saturday Works are completed by our engineers as overtime.

Please advise our team member when accepting Our quotation that you would prefer the Works to be completed on a Saturday, and they will revise your quotation accordingly.

New boilers

For new boiler installations, We will require a deposit of 75% inclusive of VAT to be paid one day prior to the boiler installation date (unless finance is your chosen method of payment). We will send You a pre-installation letter by post or email which has full details of the accepted contracted Works, and how to pay the deposit.

Next day boiler installation subject to availability and seasonal demand.


1) At the end of each 12-month period, the boiler must be serviced. Should this condition not be met, the boiler warranty will lapse.

2) Should you choose for Celsius Plumbing and Heating to stop servicing your boiler, the aftercare service may be deemed void. A decision on this will be made at the company’s discretion.

3) All manufacturing in warranty repairs will be carried out by the manufacturer and will be under the manufactures terms and conditions.

4) All in warranty manufacture repair visits arranged by Celsius are done in good faith and it is the customers responsibility to read over the manufactures terms of business before accepting an engineer visit from the manufacturer.

Boiler Service Plans

Terms – full payment for the first year is taken upfront, which covers the initial service and activates the plan. We then proceed with 11 monthly payments starting from the following month. This would be £10 per month or £13 per month (£7 0r £10 per month with every new Celsius boiler installed) depending on the service plan you choose. Upon the first anniversary of your service plan, the payment structure will be adjusted to 12 monthly payments for the subsequent years.

Monthly payments for the service plan will be processed via GoCardless, a secure and convenient payment platform. The payments will continue until cancelled, with the cancellation requiring written notice provided with a minimum of 30 days advance notice.

GoCardless ensures a seamless and hassle-free payment experience, deducting the agreed-upon amount from your chosen payment method each month. This automated process allows you to focus on enjoying the benefits of your service plan without worrying about manual payments.

If you decide to cancel your service plan, we kindly request that you provide written notice to our team with at least 30 days’ advance notice. This allows us to process the cancellation request and adjust the payment schedule accordingly. Rest assured that we will handle the cancellation process promptly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth transition.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding payment processing, cancellation, or any other related matters, please contact our team at Celsius Plumbing and Heating. We are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and provide the necessary support.

Please refer to your service plan agreement for complete details regarding the payment processing method, cancellation policies, and any specific terms and conditions associated with the GoCardless payment system

In the event of a failed payment, we kindly request that you contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue. If a payment fails, we will make reasonable attempts to notify you regarding the failed transaction. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur, and we are committed to working with you to find a suitable resolution.

However, it’s important to note that if a payment remains outstanding beyond a reasonable period, it may result in a temporary suspension of your service plan until the payment is resolved. This suspension may impact the availability of certain benefits and services associated with the plan.

We encourage open communication and prompt resolution of any payment-related concerns to ensure uninterrupted coverage and continued maintenance for your boiler. Our team at Celsius Plumbing and Heating is always ready to assist you and find a mutually beneficial solution.

By agreeing to the terms and enrolling in our service plan, you acknowledge and accept the responsibility to maintain regular, timely payments to ensure the continued benefits and coverage of the plan.

To make any changes to your plan or discuss alternative options, please contact our team at Celsius Plumbing and Heating. We are here to assist you in selecting the plan that best suits your needs and to provide any additional information you may require.

Please note that the payment amount mentioned above is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in your service plan agreement. It is essential to review the agreement for complete details regarding payment adjustments, cancellation policies, and other relevant information.

If you have any further questions or require clarification regarding our payment terms or procedures, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to provide support and ensure your satisfaction with our service plan. If you choose the £13 per month plan.

Special offers, discounts and savings

From time to time, We may run promotions, special offers and discounts that we share via our Website, email, or social media channels. Any offers or discount benefits are clearly stated by Us at the time of publication, however, these are posted entirely at our discretion, and we reserve the right not to honour these for any reason (for example if some conditions have not been met).

Any Company offers or promotions found outside of our Website, social media or promotional emails may not be valid, and we again reserve the right not to honour these for any reason.

Occasionally, certain items found on our Website may include reference to a potential saving, often in the form of ‘Save XX%’. These calculations are entirely based on the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) provided by manufacturers, with the RRP also shown for reference. In the case of a bundle/pack deal, the RRP becomes the total of the bundled items.

Booking an installation with us

You may book an installation with Us via email, telephone, our Website or social media channels. Upon booking, You will receive an email confirmation of Your booking. On the day, You will be able to track Your engineer straight to Your door using Your smartphone, with the help of our online GPS tracking service.

Any appointment You book with Us to carry out an installation will be covered by Your 12-month guarantee – and there will be no charge if a fault is found in Our works we supply during that time.

Please note, appointment times/dates given may be subject to change due to seasonal demand. Allocated engineers are occasionally subject to change, and we may use approved sub-contractors to carry out works at times.

If further works are required, a quotation will be sent prior to any works proceeding. Please note – We are unable to proceed with any further works unless we receive written approval from You.

It is the property owners full responsibility to make sure the proposed works above are in line with any potential listed building restrictions, property factoring retractions or property title deed restrictions.

Booking a repair with us

You may book a repair with Us via email, telephone, our Website or social media channels. Upon booking, You will receive an email confirmation of Your booking. On the day, You will be able to track Your engineer straight to Your door using Your smartphone, with the help of our online GPS tracking service.

On the day, a minimum charge is applicable for up to the first hour on site. This covers our engineers’ time on site, along with diagnosis and reporting. If the engineer is able to repair the fault on site during the first hour, with no materials needed, all You will pay is the initial visit charge. Any time over the first hour would be charged per additional hour on site.

Any appointment You book with Us to carry out works will be covered by Your 12-month guarantee – and there will be no charge if the same fault is found during that time.

However, if You report a fault found to be outwith the original contracted quoted works, a minimum charge of 1 hour would be chargeable. If further works are required, a quotation will be sent prior to any works proceeding. Please note – We are unable to proceed with any further works unless we receive written approval from You.

Appointment times/dates given may be subject to change due to seasonal demand. Allocated engineers are occasionally subject to change, and we may use approved sub-contractors to carry out works at times.

Terms of payment

*Updated 29th August 2022*

Payments will now be payable in advance via Trust Payments until further notice.


Payment in full is due on completion of any work We carry out, on receipt of the invoice submitted by the Company. Our engineers call from the site and pass You over to Our office by phone, where payment is made via debit or credit card. We also accept bank transfers, but do not accept cheques.

If you are not present when the engineer is on-site, you will be sent an invoice that states our payment details, and instructions enabling you to pay via an online form through Trust Payment/Xero.

In cases where the Contract Period is 4 weeks or more, invoices may be submitted fortnightly for the total value of work carried out, with the net amount due to be paid by You (the Customer) five working days later.

Failure by You to make payment within the time allowed shall entitle Us to suspend work and/or charge interest on the amount outstanding at 8% above the prevailing Bank of England’s base rate; furthermore, any legal representative costs will be added to the debt.

Warranty periods and validity

As accredited installers of Ideal, Viessmann, Glow-worm and Vaillant, we can offer full – and sometimes extended – manufacturer’s warranties (lengths will vary), along with a 12-month labour warranty. For other Goods, is it the responsibility of the Customer to apply for manufacturer’s warranties; again, the length of these will vary depending on the manufacturer.

In order for your boiler warranty to remain valid for the full period, this is subject to an annual service carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This is something our team will endeavour to remind you of 30 days prior to your service being due, via automatic reminders (using our own bespoke software). However, it is still Your responsibility to ensure servicing is completed in time as per manufacturer’s instructions, and we cannot be held responsible for any reminders not being received by the customer or any voided warranties due to our reminders not being sent out. It is ultimately the Customer’s responsibility to adhere to all manufacturer’s instructions.

For the first 12 months after your installation, you must contact Us, so we can resolve any issues that fall under your warranty. After this period, any repairs/issues under warranty will be dealt with by the manufacturer, who may either send out a dedicated engineer or subcontractor.

Completion of work

We shall endeavour to carry out all work within the period stipulated, or – if no period is stipulated – within a reasonable timeframe. We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising out of delay due to any cause beyond our control.

Cancellations and returns

Basic cancellation rights

Once you accept a quote from us, you have a 14-day cooling off period to change your mind. Let’s say, for example, you’ve booked an installation of a new boiler, radiators or plumbing works. During these 14 days, it is your right to cancel for any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract.

It is also your right to cancel any Order of Goods at any point before the goods are shipped, or up to 14 days after delivery of an Order, under Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014). From this time, you will have a further 14 days to return any items (if applicable) back to us. It should be noted these Cancellation Rights do not apply to any custom or ‘Made to Order’ items.

Cancellation of products or services

To exercise the right to cancel or rearrange your booking, You must inform us of your decision by the end of the working day before the scheduled booking. For cancellations further in advance, You must also notify us by telephone – We will then send written confirmation that your booking has been cancelled, so you are not liable to be charged.

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to make it clear that you wish to cancel the contract before the end of the cancellation period. If You cancel on the day (or even night before) work is due to be carried out, or materials being supplied, You will be liable for any costs incurred by us, along with the profit that would have been made by us, in accordance with your original quote.

Where cancellation is not possible

You cannot cancel a Contract where the value of the contract is not more than £42.

You do not have the right to cancel a Contract if we are carrying out emergency works that you have explicitly asked us to carry out. In relation to any additional work that we carry out, that is not classed as emergency work, you will still have the right to cancel those elements of the work; in accordance with your cancellation rights set out above.

Returning an order

If you wish to return an Order of Goods for any reason, it is important to contact us in the first instance. We are unable to issue returns for non-faulty parts that have already been fitted in your home (although we do supply a 12-month warranty for labour carried out by a Celsius engineer).

You may return any Orders up to 30 days after receipt, however we are unable to accept any returns after this period.

During the 14-day window after delivery, you are entitled to return any Orders of Goods and receive a full refund. It is possible we may ask you to incur the costs of returning the Order in the instance that the Goods are not damaged or faulty, and this may be through a carrier or collection service nominated by us.

After this initial 14-day window, all returns will require a restocking charge and collection fee; these will vary depending on the Order.

Any Order of Goods that are faulty, damaged or incomplete must be reported to us as soon as possible (preferably within 48 hours), or up to 14 days after you have received your Order.

Consequential loss or damage

If any Goods or materials We supply to You are found to be faulty or damaged, We will pass on the benefit of any guarantees We have received on those Goods, to You. This may include repairing or replacing any Goods and materials, or work found to be defective if the defect is due to faulty workmanship by Us, or any subcontractors – on the condition this is brought to our attention within 12 months of the completion of the work. This does not affect your statutory rights.

However, there are some further conditions:

1. We accept no responsibility for any drawing, design or specifications not prepared by Us.

2. Our responsibility is limited to that of our Contract, and the fulfilment of said Contract in a proper and workmanlike manner. We shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of the execution of the Contract, unless due to negligence caused by Us or a subcontractor.

3. We shall not be liable for any wear and tear, or loss or damage (either direct or indirect), nor any extra work additional work entailed by another contractor outside of our Contract.

4. The repair or replacement of any faulty work or materials shall only be carried out by Us, or a subcontractor; otherwise the responsibility to repair or replace shall not apply.

5. We will take reasonable care but accept no liability for damage to furniture or other fixtures and fittings which have to be moved by our engineers or subcontractors in order to carry out the Contract Works. However, we will maintain adequate Public Liability Insurance cover for at least the duration of the Contract.

Privacy and security

We do not save or keep credit/debit card information used in Customer transactions.

All pages on our Website are protected by SSL encryption, ensuring any data you enter is completely secure. We use cookies to track the pages visited on our Website, to allow for a better, more personalised experience for you. We will also use cookies for remarketing processes based on certain browsing habits (essentially the reason the thing you’ve just been looking at suddenly appears on your Facebook feed). This data is also aggregated by us with the aim of providing a better experience for future users.

Under GDPR, we do not share any personal details or contact information with third parties, with two exceptions; approved sub-contractors to carry out works on behalf of Celsius, and our email automation software on the condition that you opt-in to receive future communications from us. Our bespoke software is also used to send appointment notifications and service/gas safety certificate reminders via email and text message. This is something you are free to unsubscribe from at any time.

To view our full privacy policy, follow this link.

Use of Website information

You are free to utilise the content on our Website for your own personal use (for example, You may want to print out technical specifications when comparing different boilers).

However, commercial use of any of the content on our Website is strictly prohibited. If We can prove You have copied or plagiarised any of the content on this Website for commercial use, You will be liable to pay a fee of £1,000 per page, for every day Google has indexed that content on your website. This liability also applies to any visual content (photos, infographics etc.) that We create for use on our Website.

How to contact us

If You need to get in touch with Us for any reason, You may contact us by telephone on: 0131 258 0848, or fill out our online form.

Alternatively, You can send Us an email: info@celsiusplumbers.com

Our postal address is:

Celsius Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

2d West Telferton Industrial Estate



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