It’s normal to have questions before you get in touch with us – and if so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here on the Celsius Plumbing and Heating FAQs, we’ve answered your hottest questions on everything from boilers to bathrooms, quotes and emergencies.

Got a question we haven’t answered about any of our Edinburgh heating and plumbing services? Just give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.

How do I find out your availability?

The best thing to do is just give us a call in the first instance.  Tell us about your issue, and we’ll let you know when we’re available.  Normally when we get a call before 1pm, we can get out the same day, although we do prioritise vulnerable households who have no heating or hot water.

Do you offer same day appointments and emergency callouts?

Yes, we do – although this is subject to availability.  Please note, out-of-hours emergency calls are charged at £170 inc. VAT, and covers the first hour of our engineers’ professional time on-site.  Up to each additional half hour is charged at £85 inc. VAT.

Do you offer free quotes?

As a typical rule of thumb, we offer free quotes for installation works, but not for repairs.  For repair works, our professional engineers’ time on site would be charged depending on the rate at the time our engineer is asked to attend (i.e. out of hours etc.).


Saying that, we’re happy for you to send us images of the works for our Senior Engineer to look over – but bear in mind, we may still need to come and look at the job during a home visit.

Will I have to take a day off work for an engineer?

Although we understand everyone’s work commitments are different, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to avoid taking time off work by offering either morning or afternoon appointments.


Alternatively, we do offer some appointments for Saturdays, although works carried out on a Saturday will be charged at a slightly higher rate, and this will be reflected in your invoice.


Our GPS tracking service means that you’ll know when your engineer is on the way, and you’ll be able to track them straight to your door, so you won’t have to wait around all day.

How do I know whether the engineer takes tea/coffee and is partial to a biscuit?

Ah, the good news is that we’d already thought of that.  In your confirmation email, you’ll be shown who will be coming to your home, and even how they like their cuppa.  Alternatively, you can always just ask!

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods.


  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. Cash


Unfortunately, we don’t accept cheques.

Is it easy to book?

Yes. Just use our online booking tool which will help us get all the information we need – or alternatively, give us a call and one of our team will listen to your problem and give you the next available appointment.  In many cases, we should be able to offer same day appointments if we are contacted before 1pm.

How can I pay?

Engineer Visits


  1. Initial Engineer Visit’s are payable in advance at booking stage.
  2. You can pay over the telephone with our office team using a debit or credit card.
  3. You can also pay your invoice online using the ‘PAY INVOICE’ button.  You will find this button in the confirmation email we send you at booking stage.  Please note, due to the high demand of our service, appointments will not be confirmed until payment is received.


Accepted Quotations (Including accepted new boiler quotations) 


  1. As of the 1/9/22 all accepted quotation works will be subject to a pre-authorisation payment for the full amount of all accepted quoted works.
  2. All pre-authorisation payments will be processed via our secure payment solution partner Trust Payments.
  3. When the accepted quoted works are completed, we will then process the pre-authorisation payment, meaning you can be assured payment is only the requested once the works are complete.


What is a pre authorisation Payment?


pre-authorisation is used to seek authorisation for a transaction and reserve the funds on the customer’s account prior to works being completed and materials being delivered to site.


Pre Authorisation Process 


  1. Customer accepts their quotation
  2. Our office team will be in touch to agree a date for our engineer to attend
  3. The pre-authorisation payment is processed (It’s the same way you can expect a normal card payment to be processed, however we don’t take full payment.
  4. Once the quoted works are completed, we request the pre-authorisation payment to be processed through Trust Payments ( normally the next working day)
  5. The customer will receive a paid invoice receipt by email confirming the invoice has been paid in full.


Typical Example: 


  1. Accepted quoted works total £324.90
  2. A pre-authorisation payment is taking for £324.90 with the customer over the phone or completed by the customer on our website via Trust Payments.
  3. Celsius complete the agreed accepted quoted works.
  4. Celsius process and request the pre-authorisation payment for £324.90 from Trust Payments.
  5. A paid invoice is sent to the customer.


Will you install a boiler if I supply it?

We’re afraid not; boilers not supplied by us cramp our style.  We want to offer the best service to our customers, and in the past when issues have arisen with boilers not supplied by us, we were not able to offer the fantastic service you would expect.

Are there boiler grants available?

This is something that’s changing all the time, so the best place we’d recommend to look is the Energy Saving Trust.  Often, you’ll find available grants changing in time for the financial year, but it’s wise to keep checking to see what comes up.


We’d also recommend checking out, as this is one of the most trustworthy sources helping homeowners save money across the UK.  The website has sections that cover insulation and boiler grants, along with general central heating advice.

Who's coming into my home?

When you book your appointment, you’ll be able to see which of our experienced engineers or plumbers should be coming to your home (although this may be subject to change).


All of our vans are clearly marked with the Celsius logo, and all of our engineers carry their Celsius ID card on them, which you can ask to see before they enter your home.

Are you accredited boiler installers?

Yes, we’re Worcester Bosch accredited installers as well being approved installers of Veissmann, Ideal and Keston boilers.  We’re also highly experienced in servicing and repairing other brands.  On top of that, we’re Edinburgh Trusted Traders, and Scottish Government-approved.

Do you install Worcester Bosch boilers?

Yes, we install Worcester Bosch boilers – along with a great range of Ideal boilers, Veissmann boilers, Keston, Glow Worm, and other well-known brands.

Can you fit my bathroom?

Unfortunately not. Creating beautiful bathrooms is a specialty, so we leave this to the specialists.


Our preferred partner for bathrooms is Wiser Plumbing and Heating.  Steven who owns wiser was an apprentice with Celsius and worked with us for over 10 years.  Wiser make their customers smile by creating beautiful bathrooms and offer excellent levels of customer service.


Contact Steven Cairns at Wiser Plumbing and Heating

07437 019 545

Do you install electric boilers?

We do.  Although it’s not something we specialise in, we have installed and maintained many over the years.

I've got frozen condensate -what do I do?

Don’t panic!  The best way to fix a frozen condensate pipe fast is to pour a couple of jugs of warm water over the exterior of your condensate pipe – if the pipe is outside and safe to access.  Increasing the temperature in this way usually helped to melt the ice and unblock the pipe.


Check out our blog here.  If you’re still having trouble, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Why does my water appear cloudy or milky?

It’s actually quite common for water to look cloudy or milky; this is not caused by anything harmful, but is due to the fact it contains tiny bubbles of air.  These air bubbles are always present in water, but it can be more obvious if it has just travelled through the mains.


It can also mean there’s a burst mains pipe, or a faulty plumbing fitting has been used.  You may even notice banging or knocking noises that sound like they’re coming from the internal plumbing whilst running your taps, making this more likely.


You can check if the cloudy appearance is a problem by filling a glass of water and leaving it to stand for a minute or two.  You can expect to see the water becoming clearer from the bottom to the top.


A potential fix for cloudy water is to try running the cold water tap at the first point of entry (closest to the internal stop tap) on a slow, steady flow.  Whilst the tap is running, turn the internal stop tap on/off around 4-6 times in order to release air from the pipes (source: WaterSafe).


Cloudy or milky water should be safe to drink, but if you’re still concerned or would like more advice, contact your local water supplier.

Is your office closed or can I pop in?

You’re very welcome to pop in for a cuppa at any time during our opening hours of 8am to 5pm to discuss what you’re needing help with.

Do you take on apprentices?

We sure do, head over to our apprenticeships page to find out more.

Why should I get my boiler serviced?

  • Regular boiler servicing is crucial for safety reasons.
  • Faulty or poorly maintained boilers can pose serious risks, such as carbon monoxide leaks, which can be life-threatening.
  • Regular servicing can help identify and fix potential safety hazards.
  • A boiler that is not maintained properly can be less efficient, resulting in higher energy bills.
  • Regular servicing can ensure that the boiler is working at its optimal level and help to reduce energy consumption.
  • Regular servicing can extend the lifespan of your boiler by detecting and repairing minor faults before they develop into major problems.
  • Many boiler manufacturers require regular servicing to keep the warranty valid.
  • Failing to maintain your boiler could result in invalidating your warranty, which may lead to expensive repairs or replacements in the future.
  • Regular boiler servicing is an essential aspect of home maintenance in the UK.
  • It helps to ensure the safety of your home, increase energy efficiency, extend the life of your boiler, and maintain the validity of your warranty.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our plumbing and heating FAQs – still got a question?

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