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Need to get your toilet fixed?


Issues like your toilet not flushing properly, a broken toilet handle, a constantly filling cistern, or even a toilet that’s leaking, where do you turn?

What are the most common toilet repairs we are called out to?

Toilet repairs vary greatly depending on what the issue is.  The good news is, most repairs are relatively straightforward and don’t cost the earth to fix.  Let’s take a quick look at the most common types of repairs we get asked to fix and what the typical costs are.

Blocked toilet.

The toilet is blocked:

Blocked toilets happen to everyone from time to time and the reasons for a toilet block vary.  Most common is toilet paper or flushing too much down the toilet can result in a blocked toilet.  Flushing items that are not meant to break down in water, such as baby wipes, sanitary napkins and tampons, can result in blockages.  Occasionally objects like children’s toys, or even mobiles phones may accidentally fall into the toilet bowl and cause a blockage when flushed.

In most cases unblocking a toilet is a straightforward process and would cost typically around £100 to attend and repair.

For more serious problems further investigation may be required.  You may need a specialist drainage contractor for collapsed drain pipes underground or tree routes getting into the drainage pipes.  The drain pipe may need to be inspected using specialist cameras and high pressure water jet hosing could be required to clear any hardened waste.

Leaking toilet.

The toilet is leaking:

Toilet leaks can be really easy to fix and the good news is most can be fixed quickly.

Most common reasons for a toilet leaking include, cracked porcelain, toilet rubber or fibre washers leaking, ball cocks and inlet toilet valves passing water causing the toilet to overflow.

It costs typically around £120 to attend and repair a toilet leak.

Overflowing toilet cistern.

The toilet cistern is overflowing:

Overflowing toilets can cause a lot of damage to a property, not to mention the amount of water that is lost as a result.  The most common cause of an overflowing toilet cistern is the ball cock / water inlet valve needing readjusted, washer replaced or replaced.

Usually a quick and simple fix, most toilets can be repaired using universal parts and typically it costs around £120 to attend and repair an overflowing toilet cistern.  However some more expensive toilets require like-for-like parts to be used, which may result in parts needing to be specially ordered directly from the toilet manufacturer.  Toilets which have hidden cisterns behind tiles can also pose a challenge if no access for maintenance is in place.

Broken toilet handle.

The toilet handle/button is broken:

Toilet handles or push toilet buttons need to work or you will not be able to flush your toilet.

If your toilet handle or push button is working but your toilet is not flushing, it may be that your toilet flush valve or siphon is faulty and needs to be replaced.

It typically costs around £100 to attend and repair.

Problem with toilet flushing.

The toilet is not flushing at all or not flushing properly:

You push the toilet flush button or push the toilet lever down to flush, but nothing happens.  Or you have to try several times before it flushes.

This type of repair is probably one of the most tricky to resolve.  If universal parts have been used previously, sometimes the repair can take a matter of minutes to replace the flush valve / siphon.  If you have an older toilet, the toilet cistern will have to be removed to replace the faulty part.

It typically costs around £150 to attend and repair.

Is it cheaper to fix a toilet or replace it?

The time required to repair a toilet varies depending on the issue.  Straightforward problems, like replacing a ballcock or changing a flush handle can typically be resolved within an hour.  More challenging repairs, such as fixing leaks or replacing your flush siphon may take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the type of toilet you have.  If your toilet cistern is hidden behind the wall, this may increase the time needed.  If your toilet porcelain is damaged or cracked, most of the time this means you should replace your toilet.  Replacing a toilet can take anywhere from 2-4 hours.

“Came round to fix our troublesome toilet. All fixed and excellent service as usual! Would recommend.”

Michael | Homeowner, Musselburgh

How long should it take to fix a toilet?

It really depends on what’s wrong with your toilet.  Most repairs can be completed in under 2 hours.

There are factors that may affect the amount of time required including:

  1. Availability of Parts: If certain parts need to be ordered, it can cause a delay in the repair process.  Sometimes the toilet manufacturer will have to be contacted in order to provide us with the correct part number.
  2. Age and Model of the Toilet: Older or uncommon toilets may take time to repair due to difficulties in finding replacement parts or not commonly seen setups.
  3. Accessibility: If there are any access challenges such as a cramped space or a concealed cistern hidden behind tiles, it can increase the time needed for the repair.  We recommend that if you need to make access to complete any repairs, future consideration is made, so access is made easier for future repairs.

The Celsius toilet repair service:

With Celsius Plumbing and Heating, you can rely on our reactive and trusted toilet repairs service.  Trusted all over Edinburgh and the Lothians by homeowners, landlords, letting agents and Airbnb hosts.

How does our toilet repair service work?

  1. We can normally diagnose and provide you with an accurate quote to repair your toilet by sending our team a few photographs of your toilet.
  2. Why not share a few photos via WhatsApp? Take a look below for examples of what you can send to help us assist you better.
  1. Once your photos are received, they will be shared with one of our senior engineers based in our office and at this stage a quotation will be sent to you.
  2. If you wish to accept the quotation, all you need to do is click on the ‘Accept my Quote’ button within your quotation and this will take you to our short booking form.
  3. Answer the questions within the booking form and once we receive your completed booking form, our team will take payment and get you booked in with one of our plumbing heroes who will complete your toilet repair.
  4. Once your repair is completed, we would love to hear your feedback, that’s why we will send you a link so you can review our team.  We love hearing from our customers.

“Repair to leaking toilet. Excellent communication. Reliable knowledgeable efficient service and transparently trustworthy. Reasonable value for money. Engineers seemed experienced and were very professional, clean and tidy, used time well. Thank you Celsius.”

Juliet | Homeowner, Blackhall

Why choose Celsius for your Toilet Repair in Edinburgh?

We could talk about how we are Scotland’s most rated plumber on Trusted Trader or how Celsius Plumbing and Heating starred in the recent Water Safe TV advert.  But what really matters to you is that when your toilet needs to be repaired all you want is a plumbing and heating company to reply to your initial communication quickly, attend promptly, sort your repair in a professional manner and make it easy for you to pay.  That is what you will get by choosing Celsius Plumbing and Heating.

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“Emergency call out due to leaking toilet prior to new flooring being fitted. Not a big job, but peace of mind and sorted within about an hour of making the appointment. Both the plumber and phone operator were very friendly and I will certainly use Celsius again for future plumbing work.”

Ian | Landlord, Stockbridge

How long does it take to replace a toilet?

If you need a new toilet replaced, you should expect it to take between 2-4 hours to have fully replaced.  However depending on the type of toilet you are looking to have replaced, times may vary.  We can normally offer a fixed price repair from pictures that you provide, which helps to speed up the process, as we know how important having a working toilet is to everyone’s daily lives.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet fill valve?

Cost will vary around the country, but you should expect to pay between £100 – £150 to have your toilet fill valve (sometimes referred to as a ballcock or inlet valve) replaced.  The price can also vary depending on the type of toilet you have.

Is fixing a toilet easy?

You don’t always need a plumber to repair your toilet.  If you have the know-how and the correct tools, changing most parts can be relatively straightforward to do.  Replacing an inlet / fill valve can be easy enough to do yourself.  The hardest repairs are when the old toilet parts have become rusty and removing the old bolts and screws can be very difficult to do, that’s where the experience of a plumber can pay off.  Knowing where the water turns off to your toilet is vital to know before attempting any repair work yourself.  If in doubt, get in touch.

Why does my toilet make a gurgling sound after flushing?

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your toilet after flushing, it’s usually a sign of trapped air or a blockage in the drainage vent stack.  If left unaddressed, this can lead to poor flushing and potentially cause your toilet to become blocked.  Speak to a professional plumber to diagnose and fix the issue.

How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush?

A toilet not flushing can be caused by various reasons.  If you have the correct tools and are confident you can work safely, including how to turn off the water to the toilet in case of an emergency, then the following may help:

  1. Remove the lid for the toilet cistern, so you can see the internal parts.
    • Handle Inspection: If your toilet has a handle, ensure that the lever is firmly attached inside the tank and properly connected to the chain or flushing mechanism at the other end.
    • Push Button Check: For toilets with a push button, inspect the hoses connected to the button.  Make sure they are securely attached at both ends, ensuring a proper flow of water when the button is pressed.
  2. When the cistern is full of water try and push the lever handle down to flush, if that takes a few goes to eventually flush, then your flush valve (otherwise known as you siphon) needs replaced.
  3. Is there enough water in the tank?.  If it seems that the water level in the cistern is low (Tip! The normal water level will leave a water mark line inside the cistern, if the level is below this line you might need to adjust the fill valve, otherwise known as a ballcock or inlet valve, to a component called the fill valve.  If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace the fill valve.
  4. If the flush is working and the water level in the cistern is correct, there may be a blockage that is causing the toilet not to flush properly, which will need to be unblocked.

“Very quick, friendly service from both plumber and customer services. Fixed flush on my toilet in 10 mins. Would definitely recommend!”

Sandy | Homeowner, Portobello

Finally, the Celsius rule of thumb!

If your flush valve needs changed and it requires the plumber to remove the cistern from the toilet pan, replace the fill valve at the same time.  These parts can be bought in a toilet repair pack, so this offers better value for money when you have to replace a flush valve.  It also means everything is new and can be replaced during the same 1-2 hour visit.


If the fill valve only needs to be replaced, this can normally be done without removing the cistern from the toilet pan, so no need to also replace the flush valve.  If you would prefer the flush valve to be replaced at the same time, please speak to your plumber.

We try as best as we can to replace your toilet parts with universal toilet parts, which means any future repairs can be done much easier, meaning better valve for the customer and less expensive future maintenance toilet repair bills.

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“We had our toilet flush replaced. Celsius were extremely efficient. They were friendly yet professional and they made getting the job sorted easy and stress free! I would definitely use them again and would be happy to recommend them to family and friends. Thank you Celsius.”

Bryony | Homeowner, Marchmont

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