Tap Repairs in Edinburgh

Found yourself dealing with a dripping kitchen tap, a leak in your bathroom or thinking about upgrading to a sleek and modern mixer tap?


Celsius are reliable local plumbers for your tap repairs in Edinburgh.

How can Celsius Plumbing help you today?

One of the most frequent types of phone call we receive for our plumbing repairs team is where we are asked to fix a homeowners tap or even install a new tap for them.

Fitting a lovely new kitchen mixer tap.

Fitting lovely new taps?

You may already have bought, or decided upon, the lovely new tap that you’d like installed.

This shouldn’t be a big job for a qualified plumber but to be honest it does depend on how accessible the water pipes are.  Please also bear in mind that bath taps can prove to be more of a challenge to replace than kitchen taps.

Let Celsius know if you’d like help to install new taps.

Fix the dripping tap or replace with a new tap?

Fixing a drip drip dripping tap?

The constant drip drip drip sound of a tap dripping at night can ‘do your nut in’ and cause unnecessary sleepless nights!

Depending on the type of tap, it’s likely to be either a washer or cartridge that needs replaced.

Get in touch if you’d like one of the Celsius plumbers to help you here.

Ceslius plumber replacing a tap washer in Edinburgh.

Replacing a tap washer?

Replacing tap washers is normally a fairly straightforward job although sometimes the screws and the cartridges become rusty, making them difficult to remove.

We will need to turn off your water to complete this job.


Replacing a mixer tap cartridge.

Replacement tap cartridges?

Replacing the cartridges on a mixer tap should be an easy enough job to complete, although finding the correct cartridges to fit your mixer tap can be where the challenge starts.  Many taps do not have any manufacturer markings or model numbers stamped on them to identify them.  Universal parts can be used most of the time, however with so many different cartridge sizes on the market, how do you know which is the correct part for your tap?

If your mixer tap does have a make and or model number stamped on the tap, then either:

  1. Contact the manufacturer who can provide the replacement part numbers needed, so you can order them, or
  2. Give the details to us and we can organise the parts for you.

Otherwise a tap cartridge spline finder can be helpful, but if you are in doubt, hire a local plumber like Celsius.

Celsius plumber replacing leaky tap connections at a home in Edinburgh.

Repairing or replacing tap connections?

Sometimes the tap itself is working ok, but it is the plumbing pipework connections or the valves that are the issue.  The good news is this type of repair can be carried out relatively quickly using standard plumbing fixings, so there is no need to replace the tap itself.

This is normally more cost effective than replacing a tap.

Plumber repairing loose and wobbly taps at a home in Edinburgh.

Fixing loose or wobbling taps?

Adjusting or tightening your taps is perhaps all that is needed and normally easy to do with a spanner, but if not attended to, it can lead to a severe water leak or flood.


Let's get your tap fixed !

How much does it cost to fix a broken tap?

In most cases a plumber will be able to fix your issue whilst on site.  If the plumber is unable to repair the issue on site, a quote is normally sent.  Costs typically around £100 to attend and repair.


Do I need a plumber to fix a tap?

For a tap washer or tap cartridge replacement, you don’t need a plumber to fix your tap (if you’re a ‘handy’ DIY person).  You can absolutely do this yourself with the right tools and know-how.  You would need to make sure that the new washer and or tap cartridge is the correct size for your tap, you can purchase a tap washer repair kit or a new tap cartridge from any good home hardware store.

Or you might choose to have a professional plumber, like the Celsius team, do the tap repair for you.

“Had a kitchen tap issue that needed fixing. Job was completed quickly and successfully. Plumber confirmed when he was en route and turned up promptly.”

Andrew | Homeowner, Gorgie

Your Celsius Tap Repair & Tap Replacement service:

At Celsius Plumbing and Heating, you can rely on our Tap Repair or Replacement Service.  We are trusted all over Edinburgh and the Lothians by homeowners, landlords, letting agents and Airbnb hosts.


How does our service work?

  1. Most of the time we can diagnose and provide you with an accurate quote to repair or replace your tap(s) by sending our team a few photographs of the tap(s) you need us to look at for you.
  2. Why not share a few photos via WhatsApp? Take a look below for examples of what you can send to help us assist you better.


  1. Once your photos are received, one of our senior engineers based in our office will take a look and if we can help, a quotation will be sent to you.
  2. Quote look good? Then all you need to do is click on the green ‘Accept my Quote’ button within your quotation and this will take you to our short booking form.
  3. Answer a few questions within your booking form and once we receive your completed booking form, our team will start getting you booked in.  We will take payment, order any parts needed then get you booked in with one of our plumbing heroes who will complete your tap job.
  4. Once your tap repair is completed, we would love to hear your feedback, that’s why we will send you a link so you can review our team.  Customer feedback is what makes us tick, so we can always keep improving our service for you.
Let's get that tap fixed !

“Had a kitchen tap replaced. Excellent communication and job was exactly what was wanted. Workers were friendly and professional. Very happy with the service”

Dorris | Homeowner, EH8

Choose Celsius Plumbing for your tap repair or replacement

If you’re based in Edinburgh and surrounding areas and looking for a tap repair, what you need is a plumber that responds swiftly, arrives without delay, handles repairs professionally and offers hassle free payment options.  That’s the commitment you receive when you choose Celsius Plumbing and Heating.  Let us repair or replace your tap so you can get on with the more important things in life.

Our plumbers are able to diagnose any tap repair and can repair most issues with the parts they carry in their vans.  We also provide a 12-month aftercare service on all work that we carry out, so if there are any follow on issues – you are in good hands!


Get in touch for your tap repair

If you are ready to get your tap repaired or replaced by the Celsius Plumbing team, please click the ‘Book a Tap Repair’ button below, or phone us on 0131 258 0848.


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“Replaced piping under sink and fitted outdoor tap. Came on time. Very efficient and able plumber. Tidied up at the end.”

Ben | Landlord, Morningside

How do I stop my tap from dripping?

Usually, this issue can be resolved by replacing the washer or cartridge in your tap.  Washers can perish over time and is one of the leading causes of tap issues.  Normally when a cartridge fails, it needs to be replaced.

How do I know if my tap has washers or a cartridge?

The easiest rule of thumb is, if your tap has cross handles that screw down to turn off the water (turning right to turn off and left to turn on the water) you have a washer styled tap.  If your tap has levers, you most likely have a cartridge styled tap.

Why is water running slow in my tap?

The first thing to check is to check to make sure that there are no taps in your property that have low water pressure, as it could mean you have a bigger issue than just a single tap fault.  If the rest of your taps in your property are working, look for any service valves under your sink, basin or bath area to make sure they haven’t been knocked or turned off slightly by mistake.  If everything has been checked and is ok, the washer may have become damaged causing a blockage or your tap cartridge may have failed, in which case it will need to be replaced.

How long should my tap last for?

Nothing lasts forever, which is why we suggest that the typical lifespan of a tap is around 15-25 years.  If you do want to replace your tap, we strongly recommend that you buy a tap that has a good manufacturer’s warranty and is a branded make and model.  This will makes it much easier to buy spare parts in the future if you ever need to.

Can I do a tap replacement myself?

Taps can be replaced by a confident DIY’er, however sometimes they can be hard to unscrew and removing older taps can cause a plumber of 50 years experience to use every trick learned in the toolbox.  Turning off the water can pose a challenge also, as the water may not completely turn off, allowing water to slowly pass through.  If you have the correct tools and ensure everything is safe and ready, you can replace the tap yourself.  If you are ever in doubt, hire a professional plumber.


Why is it important to fix a leaking tap?

Taking care of broken and leaking taps quickly is really important:


Prevent damage and avoid increased costs

A dripping or leaking tap can cause water damage over time, staining sinks and potentially causing rust.  If the leak extends beyond the tap it can damage kitchen cabinets or floors and result in expensive repairs.

The longer you ignore a leaking or dripping tap the worse the problem can become, it’s true.  What might initially require a washer replacement could end up meaning the tap needing replacing.  Ignoring a leak or a drip can also lead to problems with the tap mechanism, resulting in costs to repair or replace, we see this all the time.


Maintain water pressure

Over time if there is a leak in your home it can impact the water pressure throughout your house causing problems with things like the shower or washing machine.


The environment and conserving water

By fixing leaks you contribute to conserving the environment and reducing water waste.  In Edinburgh, where water preservation is essential, even a small drip can result in hundreds or thousands of litres of wasted water over a year.  This will lead to higher water bills if you are on a water meter.

“Had a leaky tap which ultimately needed replaced. Quick and efficient service, polite technicians, easy admin with their office and all done with no fuss.”

Alan | Airbnb Host, Portobello

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“Had a faulty wash basin tap, which required replacing. Standard of work was excellent and was nice to deal with proper tradesmen with honesty and integrity. Quality of work absolutely excellent.”

Duncan | Homeowner, EH16

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