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Have you got a broken central heating boiler and are you looking for an Emergency Boiler Repair?


Most Common Types of Boiler Repairs

From minor issues to those that demand immediate attention, boilers can present faults such as:

Low Pressure: Sometimes the easiest of fixes, but still the most common cause of a boiler not working. A consistent drop in boiler pressure might point towards a leak in the system or issues with the pressure relief valve or expansion vessel.

No Heating and Hot Water: Can be caused by multiple reasons, pressure loss, broken diaphragms, airlocks, or thermostat issues.Normally means a boiler repair engineer needs to attend.

Ignition Issues: When boilers refuse to start, it could be the gas is not turned on or there is a faulty ignition part within the boiler. This might require either a fix or a replacement part(s).

Thermostat Problems: A broken thermostat can lead to inconsistent heating. We see this type of fault all the time, make sure your thermostat is set correctly before booking an emergency boiler repair.

Boiler keeps switching off: This could be due to low water pressure, a blockage in your radiator pipework, or a faulty pump.Your pressure should be between 1 – 1.5 bar on the dial when cold.

Unusual Noises: Whistling, gurgling, or banging sounds indicate something’s amiss, like trapped air or sludge build-up. Try bleeding your radiators, if that doesn’t work, a boiler repair engineer will be needed to investigate and fix.

Leaky Boilers: Leaks may arise from a variety of reasons, be it a broken internal component or an external valve. Timely intervention can save further damage and prevent an emergency boiler repair

Frozen Condensate Pipe: A frozen condensate pipe will stop your boiler from working when you need your boiler most. There are many reasons why your condensate pipe may freeze on very cold winter days. Our blog can help fix your boiler if you have a frozen condensate pipe.


Can I fix my boiler myself?

Issues like topping up and fixing your low water pressure or resetting your boiler can be done by simply checking the manufacturer’s instructions. Bleeding your radiators is something you can absolutely do yourself.  However, for safety and ensuring the job is done right, it’s always recommended to get a Gas Safe registered engineer.


The Celsius boiler repair service

At Celsius Plumbing and Heating, you can rely on our reactive and trusted Boiler Repair Service. We are trusted all over Edinburgh and the Lothians by homeowners, landlords, letting agents and airbnb hosts.

How does our boiler repair service work?

  1. Boilers are complex, so we first need to send out a boiler engineer to your home for a 1 hour engineer visit. This is to investigate and diagnose the problem with your boiler, it also covers our engineers professional time on site. If no parts are needed, we will try our best to fix your boiler within the 1 hour visit.
  2. If parts are needed or if the boiler repair is more complex, our engineer will complete any repairs he can and make the boiler safe if needed. Our engineer will complete a photographic engineer report and it’s sent to our office team to process.
  3. Once our office team receives the report from our engineer, one of our senior engineers based in our office will take a look and if we can help, a quotation will be sent to you. You will also receive a copy of your boiler repair engineer photographic job report, so you can see what is wrong with your boiler.
  4. Quote look good? Then all you need to do is click on the green ‘Accept my Quote’ button within your quotation and this will take you to our short booking form.
  5. Answer a few questions within your booking form and once we receive your completed booking form, our team will start getting you booked in. We will take payment, Order any parts needed then get you booked in with one of our boiler repair heroes who will complete your boiler repair.
  6. Once your boiler repair is completed, we would love to hear your feedback, that’s why we will send you a link so you can review our team. Customer feedback is what makes us tick, so we can always keep improving our service for you.


Why choose Celsius for your boiler repairs in Edinburgh?

Need a boiler repair fast? Having a broken boiler is never fun. Whether it’s been playing up for a while or you suddenly find yourself with no heating or hot water, our team of dedicated boiler breakdown engineers are here to help. Most of the time, the fix can be easier than you may think. Keep warm, stay calm, and let’s get that heat back on.

We can offer same-day boiler repair appointments (subject to availability – we prioritise young families and elderly customers) to get you back up and running in no time. Our reactive approach to maintenance and repairs means we also usually carry the most common parts in our vans.

Once you get in touch, we’ll get you booked on our next available appointment, and you’ll be able to track your Gas Safe registered engineer straight to your door – so, none of the hanging around all day and putting your life on-hold malarkey. We understand the importance of a reliable heating system, and that’s why we specialise in repairing boilers from top manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch boilers, Ideal boilers, Baxi boilers, Potterton boilers, Vokera boilers, Ferroli boilers, Ariston Boilers and more. We stand by our work with a 12-month aftercare service, providing peace of mind for any follow-up concerns. With Celsius, you can count on a hassle-free and efficient boiler repair experience in Edinburgh, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your life.


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Customer Reviews

“Conner was really friendly and talked me through the issues he found with our boiler and he also increased our pressure which was really good as this wasn’t the reason why he came to look at the boiler.”

Michelle, Homeowner, Musselburgh 

“Fantastic service – very competent engineers. My boiler stopped working but now parts have been replaced and boiler serviced not only is boiler working but much more efficient – my home is warmer.”

Christine, Homeowner, Leith

“Emergency boiler repair managed quickly and politely!”

Zubin, Landlord, Duddingtson

“Responded to boiler repair request very speedily as we were completely let down by Scottish Gas when we were left with lack of heating and hot water even though our boiler was still under warranty with them.

Beth, Airbnb Host, EH1

“My Boiler had a fault 2 days before Christmas. Celsius Heating came round the same day to fix it. The fault happened again on Christmas Eve (everywhere was closed) but Michael from Celsius popped round and fixed the issue and made sure it was all working fine for Christmas. That is what I call Customer Service!”

Richard, Homeowner, Balerno


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Boiler Repairs

Why is my boiler making noise?

A noisy boiler can be concerning, and it can be caused by several reasons. Here’s a breakdown of some common causes for different noises:

  1. Kettling: This sounds like a kettle boiling. It’s usually caused by a build up of sludge in the boiler’s heat exchanger. This can restrict water flow, causing it to overheat and steam, producing the kettling noise. It’s more common on older heating systems.
  2. Air in the System: A humming or gurgling sound might indicate air trapped in your system. When there’s air in the radiators or pipes, it can cause water to circulate in an irregular manner, leading to strange noises.
  3. Whistling: Similar to kettling, a whistling noise, sometimes known as ‘whistle blow’, can be caused by a build up of corrosion debris in the system.
  4. Banging or Popping: This can be due to rapid boiling of water. It’s a result of dirty water in the system or a faulty circulation pump causing the boiler to overheat.
  5. Vibrating: If your boiler vibrates or produces a loud droning noise, it might be due to worn out parts like your boiler fan, or it could be improperly fitted components that are vibrating against other parts of the boiler or the wall.
  6. Ticking: A ticking sound can sometimes be caused by expansion and contraction of the pipes, especially when the boiler starts up. Pipes going through floors where the hole is not big enough to allow for expansion and contractions, are one of the most common causes.
  7. Dripping: A dripping sound can indicate a leak somewhere in the system and may even slowly drive one mad until it’s stopped.

If your boiler starts making unusual noises, it’s essential to consult with a professional boiler breakdown repair engineer. Whilst some of these issues might be simple to resolve, others can be signs of more significant problems that require expert attention. Regular maintenance and servicing can also prevent such issues from arising. If you’re in Edinburgh or anywhere else, always ensure you’re consulting with a local boiler repair specialist like Celsius.


How much does a boiler repair cost in Edinburgh?

It really depends on what’s wrong with your boiler.  Edinburgh homeowners might expect to pay around £100 to £400 to have their boiler repaired. Whilst minor repairs might come at a lower cost, major repairs or replacements can go higher. Check the basics first before calling a boiler engineer. Your water pressure should be around 1 bar. If it’s too low or too high, this can cause your boiler to stop working properly.


Is it worth repairing an old boiler?

Whether it’s worth repairing an old boiler or replacing it with a new one depends on several factors, we get asked this a lot, so we have put together this comprehensive answer to help you make a well informed choice:

  1. Age of the Boiler: The age of your boiler is a crucial factor. If it’s nearing the end of its expected lifespan (typically 12-15 years for most boilers), it may make more sense to invest in a new, energy-efficient model. New boilers are often more reliable and energy-efficient, which can lead to long-term savings on energy bills. Parts for old boilers can sometimes be difficult to source or become obsolete, meaning an increased time with potentially no heating or hot water.
  2. Cost of Repairs: Consider the cost of repairs compared to the cost of a new boiler. If the repair costs are significant and are approaching or exceeding the cost of a new boiler, it may be more financially prudent to replace it. Our rule of thumb is that is your boiler is over 10 years old and in poor condition, if the repair is over £500, we would advise it’s no longer  cost effective or economical to repair.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Older boilers tend to be less energy-efficient than newer models. Replacing an old boiler with a high-efficiency one can lead to substantial energy savings over time, which can offset the initial investment over time.
  4. Reliability: If your old boiler has a history of frequent breakdowns and repairs, it might be a sign that it’s becoming unreliable. Newer boilers come with manufacturer warranties that provide extra peace of mind.
  5. Environmental Impact: Newer boilers are designed to be more environmentally friendly, emitting fewer CO2 emissions. If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient boiler may be a good choice.
  6. Heating Needs: Consider your heating needs. If your old boiler meets your current heating demands adequately and you don’t anticipate any significant changes, repairing it might be a reasonable option, older boilers have less electrical parts, which in our experience means less chance of breaking down.
  7. Financial Considerations: Evaluate your budget and financing options. Sometimes, the upfront cost of a new boiler can be a barrier, even if it offers long-term savings. Explore boiler finance options options that may be available to help with the cost.

In summary, the decision to repair or replace an old boiler should be based on a combination of factors, including the boiler’s age, repair costs, energy efficiency, reliability, environmental considerations, heating needs, and budget. Speak with a professional boiler repair specialist like Celsius, who can assess your specific situation and provide recommendations tailored to your needs.


What is a Gas Safe registered engineer, and why is it important?

Gas Safe registered engineer is a professional authorised and qualified to work safely with gas appliances and installations in the United Kingdom.

This registration is critically important due to the potential dangers associated with gas, including carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and explosions. Being Gas Safe registered ensures that engineers have the necessary training, skills, and knowledge to prevent such hazards. It is also a legal requirement for anyone working with gas to be registered, providing assurance of quality and professionalism in gas-related work. This compliance with safety standards helps protect lives, property, and the environment.


Why is it important to repair a broken boiler?

Making sure your boiler is in the best possible condition it can be is really important, especially during the colder months. So, why is it crucial to get your boiler fixed properly, by a professional Gas Safe registered engineer?

Safety First: A faulty boiler can lead to gas leaks or carbon monoxide exposure, both of which are extremely hazardous.

Keeping a Cozy Home: A well maintained boiler ensures consistent warmth throughout your home.

Avoiding Higher Energy Bills: A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills.

Preventing Bigger Issues: Addressing a minor fault early can help prevent a complete boiler breakdown.

Warranty Validity: Regular maintenance and immediate repairs ensure that your boiler’s warranty remains valid.

Water DamageAny leaks from a boiler can damage the boiler causing electrics to fail, a small leak at the start can quickly turn into a floor.If you boiler has a really bad internal leak, if you are lucky it may turn back on once it dries out. If not, expect expensive repairs or even a replacement boiler.


Will a boiler service fix my broken boiler?

A boiler service is like a check-up for your boiler, It makes sure everything is working well and safe. But if your boiler is really broken, like a big problem, the service alone might not be enough to make it work again. You might need extra repairs or new parts to fix it properly. So, a service is good to keep things running smoothly, but it might not fix a seriously broken boiler.

  • Boiler Repair visits from £98.50

  • We can usually attend same day if booked before 1pm

  • Send you a confirmation email for your records

  • You will receive a sms when our engineer is on route, so you can track them to your door

  • Provide you with a photographic job report of the problem and part(s) that need replaced

  • Repair your boiler ASAP - 90% of repairs are completed on the first visit

  • Provide you with a 12-month aftercare service - any problems, we’ll come back, simple as that

Some boilers can be straightforward to repair, could you fix this yourself?
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Same Day Boiler Repairs from just £98.50

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90% of boiler issues fixed on the 1st visit.

Track your engineer to your door.

Same day appointment if booked before 1pm.

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