0 Trees Planted So Far

It's as easy as...

1You need a new boiler, so you get in touch – you use our super swanky boiler calculator on our website and find a boiler that fits your needs and budget.

2You book in a date and one of our Celsius Heroes arrives, fits your new boiler and you are back up and running enjoying lovely hot showers once again.

We reach out to you, and you tell us that you want the tree to be planted on behalf of your best pal Frank. (Frank is one of those pals who is always there for you).

So that’s what we do, Frank is over the moon, telling all his pals he’s going to have a tree planted for him and will even has a certificate to prove it!
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Why are we planting trees?

Everyone knows we need to do more to help tackle climate change, that’s why we have made a commitment to plant 500 trees. 500 trees planted means we are working towards a greener future. Check out the milestones we have set ourselves below and what this means in terms of our co2 impact. If you feel the same as we do about climate change, get in touch.

We have planted 0 trees.
500 Trees Planted
150 tonnes of co2. We are extremely proud to say we have planted 500 trees on behalf of our customers and their loved ones.
375 Trees Planted
Offsets 112 tonnes of co2. Which is the equivalent of launching 3 rockets into space.
250 Trees Planted
Offsets 75 tonnes of co2. Which is the equivalent to flying a large jet around the circumference of the earth 18 times! Wow!
125 Trees Planted
Offsets 37 tonnes of co2. Our plumbing heroes have over 125 years industry experience combined, so we have decided to plant a tree for each of these hard earned years.
85 Trees Planted
Offsets 25 tonnes of co2. This means we have now offset the equivalent to every mile our engineer vans travelled in 2020

Save Water With A Combi Save

Interested in saving water and further reducing your carbon footprint?
You can save water with a combi-save.

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