Kids Paddling Pool Water Hack!

Author: Michael
18th July 2022
2 min read

Kids Paddling Pool Water Hack! ☀️💦😎

Do you find yourself filling up the kids paddling pool with buckets of water? Not easy at times right!

Do the kids complain that the water is too cold? 🥶

Well this blog is for you!

There are a few different ways to fill up that kids paddling pool, however what can be done when you don’t have a garden tap and you also don’t want to go back and forward filling the kids paddling pool (with what seems like endless) buckets of water?

Well, we have the ultimate kids paddling pool hot water hack for you! 😀 💦

We created this short video back in 2020 and it’s reached over 60,000 views at the date of writing this blog. So, why not give it a try yourself, or share this page with a friend or family member who you think would benefit from trying out this kids paddling pool water hack themselves.

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