What is a CombiSave valve and should you have one fitted?

Author: Michael
28th October 2022
3 min read

Ever get fed-up waiting for your hot water to get hot, or wonder how much water you’re wasting while you do?  Then, you may wish to consider a CombiSave valve.  What is a CombiSave valve you ask.  Well, you’re in luck as this blog post will explain what it is, how it works and some of the benefits that can come from having one fitted to your combi boiler.


What is a CombiSave valve and how does it work?



If yours is anything like most homes, with combi boilers you’ll wait over a minute for the temperature to change.  Those minutes add up to around 21 hours per year, and 2350 bathtubs full of wasted water, hardly energy efficient.  Luckily, with one of our revolutionary water-saving valves that can change.

A combiSave valve actively reduces the amount of water and gas you use as your water heats up.  When you run your taps, the valve restricts the flow of water during your boilers initial firing process until it reaches a set temperature and then returns to full flow.  This means it heats up faster while saving water.  No more watching all that excess water go down the drain!

A combiSave is quick and easy to install, works with most combi boilers, and can be fitted by one of our experts during a standard one-hour visit.  A combiSave will make your boiler more energy efficient, using less gas to heat your water, reducing your carbon footprint, and it could save you up to £100 per year.  Not forgetting all that extra time you’ll have when you’re not waiting for your water to heat up.


What are the benefits of a CombiSave?

  • Save money on your energy bills.
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Waste less hot water.
  • Can be fitted to most combi boilers.
  • Quick and easy to install.


Why we’re committed to installing combiSaves in Edinburgh homes

At Celsius we recognise that climate change is the biggest threat to the future of our planet, so we have decided to do something about it.  We have an ambition to reduce/negate our carbon emissions as a business.  Through the utilisation of existing and future technology, we will look at innovative and exciting ways in which we can help make a difference and provide a lasting positive impact.

1. A combiSave could save the average four-person household as much as 28,000 litres of water per year – that’s the equivalent of 2,350 bathtubs!

2. A combiSave fitted in 50,000 homes could save a whole reservoir of water every year as well as offsetting 65,000 tonnes of co2

3. To help our customers save 10 million litres of water in Edinburgh, the Lothians & Fife over the next 2 years – that’s the equivalent of 4 Olympic swimming pools!


How much does a combiSave valve cost?

When fitted to an existing boiler, a combiSave valve costs £150.00 inc VAT
When fitted with a new boiler, a combiSave valve costs £100.00 inc VAT


Interested in having a combiSave valve fitted?

If you would like to have a combiSave fitted to an existing boiler, just hit the ‘book appointment’ button below.

If you would like a quote for having a combiSave valve fitted with a new boiler, click Here.


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